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One of the most important steps in acquiring a restaurant business is qualifying yourself. If you have business ownership experience you undoubtedly understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. However, if you have never owned a business, it is important that you inventory what you bring to the table in addition to your investment, ideas and enthusiasm. In either case, you must know your current financial status and future requirements. You must also identify those skills and experiences that will contribute to the success of your new business.

Once you are prepared financially, physically and emotionally to purchase a restaurant business, The Restaurant Brokers has a team of professionals to assist you in your business acquisition.

All partners at The Restaurant Brokers are licensed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate and have been restaurant and bar owners themselves who now specialize in all facets of acquiring a restaurant, including lease negotiations and real property transactions.

During your initial contact with someone from The Restaurant Brokers you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that you will not disclose any information that we share with you about any of our business listings. This permits us to share information with you that would otherwise be kept confidential. You may also be asked to fill out a buyer questionnaire. This form helps us to properly identify your needs so that we can better assist you in finding your ideal business to purchase. Another form that you may need to fill out is a personal financial statement. This form will help you determine your net worth as well as qualify your financial status to a landlord.

After the confidentiality agreement is signed we will provide you with the address, pictures and a summary of the business. Once you receive the information you will visit the business as a customer and visually inspect the location and interior of the restaurant. If you have further interest, you will call us for a tour of the kitchen and will be provided with financial information (if applicable) and equipment list. At that time you will have an opportunity to speak with the seller and ask questions about the business. We will make you aware of the positive and negative aspects of the restaurant.

Now that you have seen the restaurants that fit your requirements and spoken with it's owner, you may decide to move forward with the purchase of this restaurant. One responsibility of your Restaurant Brokers team is to facilitate the process of the purchase. Your agent will help you work with the landlord for the lease assignment, guide you through obtaining licenses and permits that may be necessary to complete the escrow process. Our mission at The Restaurant Brokers is to help ensure that the transfer of the restaurant is as smooth as possible so you can start down the road to your "American Dream."

With more than 30 years experience in brokering restaurant transactions, The Restaurant Brokers have built their business and reputation on their Code of Ethics and standards of professionalism with which they proceed through every transaction.

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